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Driving Apps Performance

Netiq Corp. last week continued to add breadth and depth to Windows-based application management in a major new release of its AppManager suite

Q & A: She Didnt Leave Her Heart At Cisco

Cisco's former CTO Judy Estrin moves on with new venture PacketDesign and weighs in on issues.

The Fast Track to Fortitude

Helping harried tech pros confront adversity.

Wheres the Ammo?

BrainShare: safer than schools

Ad Finitum?

|'s founder tries to create a sustainable business

Zope Dons a New Hat

Digital Creations CEO Paul Everitt filled me in on the company's plans to focus on building content management systems

Lets You See Some More ID

Novell has come up with an interesting security technology in the latest version of its NMAS software, which lets IT managers decide how far users can get

Operator No. 9: March 26, 2001

I didn't mind that Bill Gates called Microsoft one of the pioneers of the graphical user interface and said it brought GUIs to the attention of the computing masses (thought Apple Computer did that).

Bulletproof? Maybe

Is the Internet at risk? Not according to Fritz Mueller, senior director of product marketing of Keynote, an Internet performance monitoring firm.

Beyond the Browser

New, powerful tools needed to realize the Internet's full potential

Internet Armageddon?

Exclusive investigation: the Net has dozens of fault lines. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

WhISPers: March 26, 2001

What's in the name? Millions of dollars worth of branding, if UUnet is the name in question.

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