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Sizing Up the Online Project From All Angles

You're familiar, no doubt, with the ancient Indian parable of the six blind men and the elephant. Each examines the elephant by touching a different part, and each comes away with a different impression of the beast.

Fast Facts Matrix: May 7, 2001

Ariba, a provider of B2B e-commerce software and services, named Larry Mueller as its new CEO and said that he would be joining the board.

Luster Is Gone, but Hope Isnt

ASP pioneer FutureLink thinks it may take five years for market to mature.

Clintons Net Legacy

Techies give former prez an 'A'

Telco Connection

Web hosters export know-how


| pushes auto-updating address book

eFiles: May 7, 2001

Despite the recent economic slowdown, the U.S. online travel booking industry will continue to draw more and more customers, according to a report from Jupiter Media Metrix Inc., based in New York.

Fast Facts Section B: May 7, 2001

Compaq Computer announced a five-year, $100 million deal to equip Starbucks coffee shops with wireless Internet access.


Old reliable has done it again.

Are Two IT Departments Better Than One?

If you're fortunate, upper management has involved you in plans to acquire another company.

InterOps Offers Remote Monitoring

InterOps Management Solutions Inc. hopes to carve out a market among large organizations looking for help in supporting Web environments.

Changes at Exodus Under Scrutiny

Data hosting pioneer Exodus Communications Inc. is at a crossroads and trying to go in two directions at once.

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