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Corporate Paranoia

Office workers in San Francisco have another reason to stay alert.

Operator No. 9: April 30, 2001

Cox Business Services is not standing idly by, hoping consumers will decide to sign up for its broadband cable services.

Transora Plays Host

Transora plans to roll out a hosted service to handle heavy-duty enterprise planning for its midsize members.

Taking Net Services Rural

Lawmakers work to branch out long-distance and high-speed options but must meet FCC Approval.

Writers Seek Net Pay

Internet issues remain at the center of the negotiations as motion picture and television writers prepare to go on strike this week.

Getting Past the Hurdles

Managed service providers must calm territorial IT departments to win business.

Tackling Cancer Behind Scenes

A worthwhile new distributed computing project backed by the University of Oxford, in England; the National Foundation for Cancer Research, in Maryland; Intel; and United Devices, along with other supporting organizations, was launched earlier this month.

Another Big 5 to Go Public

Accenture plans $1B IPO.

Bandwidth Gets Real

Commercial real estate gears up for broadband.

E-Recruiting Takes Next Step

Tools help hirers spot the best IT people.

How to Slice and Dice a Résumé

How are the more sophisticated e-recruiting tools and services helping employers select standout job candidates from a sea of electronic résumés?

Name Stake

| challenges status quo

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