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When ASPs Go Sour

As more providers falter, customers mull their options.

English in the Drivers Seat

More than a year after its creation, Covisint finally has a CEO.

Geekspeak: April 30, 2001

CalTech's Moore Lab: Working on 'The Vision Thing'

Another Big 5 to Go Public

Accenture plans $1B IPO.

Getting Past the Hurdles

Managed service providers must calm territorial IT departments to win business.

How to Slice and Dice a Résumé

How are the more sophisticated e-recruiting tools and services helping employers select standout job candidates from a sea of electronic résumés?

Talking Digits

Occam slices through VoDSL complexity

Developer Sites Expanding

Oracle and ActiveState introduce online resources, making jobs easier, saving time and money.

E-Recruiting Takes Next Step

Tools help hirers spot the best IT people.

Bandwidth Gets Real

Commercial real estate gears up for broadband.

Tackling Cancer Behind Scenes

A worthwhile new distributed computing project backed by the University of Oxford, in England; the National Foundation for Cancer Research, in Maryland; Intel; and United Devices, along with other supporting organizations, was launched earlier this month.

Name Stake

| challenges status quo

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