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Planning for Dot-Com D-Day Can Ease Pain

In the context of the ever-expanding dot-com down-fall, I recently heard someone say, "People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan."

Microsoft Not Wasting Retirees Skills

While walking into Comdex in Chicago last week, El Gato got the strange feeling he might bump into waste management king Tony Soprano.

The Facts Are Fiction

Memo from PR to journalists: "You can't handle the truth."

Sharepoints a Hit

Microsoft's knowledge manager adept at pulling in data.

Hosting Vendors Tap Smaller Allies

Hosting vendors aren't just counting on the big guys as they round up partners.

Got Milk ... or Cream?

The latest commodity market to rally its biggest competitors into a consolidated online exchange is the dairy business.

Acquisitions Squeeze DSL

Prospects dim for greater choice, lower subscription cost.

Ad Finitum?

|'s founder tries to create a sustainable business

Cable, Bells Vie for Last Mile

In most neighborhoods, no one comes closer to delivering fiber to the home than cable companies, although the regional Bells are mounting some competition.

Ready to Rumble

eBay plans storefronts to challenge, Yahoo!

Changing Channels

Interactive TV may outshine the Net for e-commerce stardom

Justin Jaschke

Verio CEO bridges the cultural gap with new owners

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