10 iPhone, iPad Apps Guaranteed to Keep Your Business Competitive

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10 iPhone, iPad Apps Guaranteed to Keep Your Business Competitive

by Nathan Eddy

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Streaks Motivational Calendar ($1.99)

This app counts the consecutive days it takes to reach a certain goal, and allows you to track multiple goals from multiple calendars.

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Insight Basecamp ($9.99)

Designed specifically for mobile users, this app allows you to assign, delegate and designate completed tasks, as well as post messages and comments.

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PageOnce Pro ($12.99)

An automatic bill and bank account tracker, this app allows users to see banks, credit cards and investment accounts, along with real-time alerts.

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Kayak Pro ($0.99)

Book hotels and flights and track the status of your trip with this app from Kayak, which also includes itinerary management and rental car searches.

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TurboTax SnapTax (Free)

Do your taxes on your iPhone (is there anything it can't do?) with the snap of a photo, brought to you by the makers of TurboTax.

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reQall (Free)

The reQall task manager gets high marks from Apple and The New York Times, and allows users to voice record or text to-do lists, messages and organize your schedule.

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NetNewsWire (Free)

Organize your news feeds so that you aren't reading the same articles twice, and share links with friends through e-mail and social networking sites such as Twitter.

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FileMagnet ($4.99)

Copy files from a computer to the iPhone and view popular file formats, including Microsoft Office, PDFs—even if you're not connected to the Internet.

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Sphinx ($2.99)

This app saves personal encrypted data on the iPhone or iPod touch, which is protected by a secret key defined by the user.

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Dragon Dictation (Free)

Record texts, e-mails and other messages through Dragon's NaturallySpeaking-powered voice application, which supports multiple languages.

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