3D Pops Out of the Frame

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3D Pops Out of the Frame

Samsung showed off some of its new 3D monitors—an experience the viewer can have without needing to use those sometimes unwieldy red-and-blue glasses. However, the technology is still a ways away— years, most likely—from mainstream adoption.

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Ultra-Slim Notebook Monitor Panels

This ultra-slim (3.6 millimeters wide), low-power 15.6-inch LCD panel for PC notebooks showed excellent high-definition performance. Specifications for the device include 1366 x 768 (100 PPI); 200cd/m2 luminance; low power consumption is due to fewer LCDs on the panel.

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No Backlighting Necessary

This little (note pen on the right) 7-inch netbook is light and can go almost anywhere. It features a 7-inch-diagonal WVGA AMOLED monitor panel. This AMOLED device is a very thin LED screen, with brightness nearing that of LEDs which has no need for backlighting.

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Not Far Off Real Life Vision

This 7-inch WXGA Pentile RGBW LCD features a very crisp resolution, with 215 PPI ultra-high pixel density; 1280 x 800 resolution; ultra-low power using Dynamic Backlight Control; and up to 450 cd/m2 luminance.

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Even More Ultra-Slim

The sunlight-readable, ultra-slim (3.2mm wide), 10.1-inch WX PLS tablet panel (at right) features 1280 x 800 resolution with 150 PPI, a wide viewing angle for betting viewing from the sides, and up to 400 cd/m2 luminance.

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New Processor for Android Devices

The Exynos 4210 1GHz dual-core processor, based on the ARM Cortex A-9 design, is optimized for Samsung's 45nm, low-power CMOS process. It can run full HD video, 3D game apps along with full Web browsing, and navigation.

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A Lot Going On Inside One Little Processor

The equivalent of what you see here is all contained on a 32nm LP High-k Metal Gate system-on-a-chip that Samsung was demonstrating at the March 23 event.

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Rise of the Readers

The company also was demonstrating three book readers that are powered by its NAND Flash processors. From left: the Garmin Nuvi 3790, powered by Samsung's 1GB processor; the Barnes & Noble Nookcolor, powered by the 4GB chip; and the Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless, which also uses the 4GB chip.

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New Optical Drives

Even Samsung's external optical drives are getting the slimmed-down treatment. Thanks to the new, low-power processors, they take less electricity from the wall, yet maintain high-end performance. They also feature support for Mac OS and Win 7, are halogen-free, and weigh only 350 grams.

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Smaller SSDs Continue in High Demand

Samsung is almost—but not quite all about—the 2.5-inch solid-state NAND flash drive, because that's where the demand is at this time. It doesn't spell the end of the road for the 3.5-inch drive yet, but the smaller-size devices are rapidly moving into places where the larger ones used to be. Same thing is happening with standard spinning-disk hard drives.

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