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Amazon Appstore Home

The homepage for the Amazon Appstore is unsurprisingly By that we mean you have application categories in the left-hand rail, which is no different from any of the typical e-commerce goods Amazon sells such as books and videos. Theres also the featured content in the middle column and related stuff on the right.

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The Daily Deal

Like Groupon, Amazon's Appstore offers a daily deal, although this comes in the form of one free app per day, such as this World Series of Poker app. We don't like poker, but we love Angry Birds!

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Angry Birds Rio is running a limited promotion by offering Rovio Mobile's new Angry Birds Rio app for free.

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Product Details

In customary fashion, users can read more about the product, in this case, the app, below.

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App Installation offers detailed instructions on installing an app. We clicked to get an app for a laptop, entered a mobile phone number, which sent a text message with instructions to our Motorola Droid X Android handset. We jumped through the hoops, granting the app permissions to access our phone's info after plugging in our Amazon credentials. This worked like a charm and the app downloaded in seconds.

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Special Deals

You might not like the free daily app, but offers discounts on apps. How do developers make money from this? Developers suggest a price for paid applications, but Amazon sells them for less. Amazon will pay developers the greater of either the standard 70 percent of the sale price, or 20 percent of the developers suggested price.

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Best Selling Apps

Naturally, also lists a category for best selling apps.

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Top Free Apps List

An app store wouldn't be an app store without a top free apps section.

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Top Rated Apps

Also, Amazon by virtue of its well-groomed ratings and recommendation engines, features top-rated programs.

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Amazon's Own Apps

Also, choose from any of Amazon's applications, including Kindle and Amazon Mobile.

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