Android Market Webstore Delivers Apps Via Google Cloud

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Android Market Webstore Delivers Apps Via Google Cloud

by Clint Boulton

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Android Market Webstore

The Market Webstore home page shows a clean, Googley design.

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Searching for Apps

Android Market Webstore features a Google search bar atop the page to help users find specific apps.

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Application Categories

For those who want to browse, Google offers application categories for games and such on the left-hand rail.

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Choosing Apps

The middle column is filled with tabs for top, paid and free apps. See featured apps here.

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Paid Apps

Current paid apps include the popular Robo Defense game, Fruit Ninja and Power AMP.

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Free Apps

There are a lot more free apps than paid apps in the 100,000-plus Android Market selections. But who can argue with Angry Birds, Gmail, Google Maps and Facebook for Android, all essential for millions of people?

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Plenty of Games

Google also offers a section of best-selling game titles.

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To the Cloud

Again, because it's the cloud, Google has aggregated any app that Android handset or tablet users have downloaded through the Android Market client. We were pleasantly surprised to see this app summary, which we downloaded to our Motorola Droid X and loaner test units such as the Verizon Galaxy Tab, over the last few months.

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Here's what purchasing an app in the Market Webstore looks like, courtesy of Google manager Chris Yerga.

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Review Pending Purchasing

Before you're charged, you get to review your purchase here.

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Quick Downloads

When you're satisfied and you complete your purchase, the app speeds to your phone for quick download over the air, like so.

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