Apple iPad 2 Design Wish List: 10 Must-Have Features

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Apple iPad 2 Design Wish List: 10 Must-Have Features

by Don Reisinger

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Real Verizon Integration

Apple iPad owners are capable of connecting to Verizons network with the help of the MiFi 2200 hotspot. Although it works well, the experience is far less appealing than being able to connect directly to AT&Ts 3G network with the iPad 3G. Realizing that, it would be nice if Verizons 3G connectivity is made available in the next version of the iPad. Apple should also maintain its existing 3G partnership with AT&T.

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Video Conferencing

Part of the value of a tablet is having the ability to use it in the same way as a notebook. A key component in notebooks nowadays is video conferencing. Thats why Apple should add a front-facing camera to the iPad 2. It would allow users to communicate far more effectively with others. It would likely help the device appeal more to enterprise customers.

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Stills and Video Recording

One of the major omissions from the original iPad is the inability to capture stills or record video. In the iPad 2, that functionality should be made available. Not only is it coming to several competing devices, including the Motorola Xoom, but it would deliver even more value to a device thats already appealing to customers.

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Retina Display

One of the best aspects of the iPhone 4 is its improved screen, the Retina Display. The screen offers much higher quality than just about every other display on the market. It could play a central role in the iPad 2s success. Speculation abounds that the Retina Display will be made available to the iPad, but until Apple confirms it, theres no telling what the company has planned.

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Verizon 4G Connectivity

As mentioned, it would be nice to see the iPad 2 feature 3G connectivity. But it would also be great if the device was able to access Verizons 4G network. Verizons 4G LTE network is potentially accessible by as many as 110 million people around the United States and many of those would undoubtedly like to log on to that network with an iPad 2. Apple is a company that succeeds on investing in the latest and greatest technologies and Verizons 4G network is just that kind of technology.

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A Larger Display

Some folks are hoping for Apple to offer a smaller display. But as Steve Jobs pointed out last year during an earnings call, he doesnt see such value in a 7-inch screen. Realizing that, its probably more likely that Apple unveils an iPad with a larger display. And that would certainly be nice to see. It would improve the entertainment experience of using the device, plus it will put it on a more level playing field against Acers upcoming 10.1-inch tablet.

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A Slimmer Design

The current iPad is already quite thin, but Apple should make it even thinner. Part of the value of tablets is the ability to carry them around without worrying about how much they weigh or where they will be able to fit. The second iPad should be more conscious of that, and feature a slimmed-down design. It would likely help the devices standing in the enterprise, as well.

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USB Connectivity

One of the biggest problems with the iPad is that it lacks a USB port. Because of that, users hoping to plug a USB product into the device will need a separate accessory. Thats unfortunate. If Apple wants to make the tablet a replacement for lightweight notebooks—and it does—the company must include a USB port on the device.

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Better Printer Support

Current Apple iPad users are able to print from the device with the help of the companys AirPrint feature. The only issue is few printers currently support the option. Granted, better printer support can only be necessary if vendors play nice with Apple, but its something that the company should be pushing for right now. It could be a key component in its iPad 2 announcement.

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More Storage

Currently, Apple offers up to 64GB of storage in the iPad. But with the next version of the tablet, it would be nice to see the company double all of the available storage sizes, so they range from 32GB to 128GB. As mentioned, the iPad is designed to be a replacement for notebooks. That can only happen if Apple provides ample storage space to handle all the data consumers will want to add to the tablet.

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