Apple iPad 2 Wish List: 10 Essential Features

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Apple iPad 2 Wish List: 10 Essential Features

by Clint Boulton

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The Galaxy Tab and forthcoming Xoom have them. So, too, shall the iPad 2. This will be a big deal for corporate sales workers who want to conduct virtual face-to-face meetings while on the go.

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Near-Field Communication

Apple is expected to offer near-field communication technology for its iPhone 5. But we also now expect NFC, which will enable contactless payments via sensors in the phone and pay terminals, for the iPad 2. Swiping a 10-inch iPad may seem a little strange, but no stranger than holding it up to snap a photo with those new cameras!

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Revamped Screen

Few argue the iPad's screen isn't a pretty thing. But the rumors note that the display will be both thinner and lighter. In fact 9to5Mac says the new display will be 10 grams lighter and 1 millimeter thinner than the original iPad screen.

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Retina Display

We're irked by the current reports that claim the iPad 2 won't come equipped with the Retina Display because Apple is reserving it for the iPad 3 next year. That's a shame, as the resolution on the iPhone 4 is super-crisp.

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Concord Securities claimed the iPad 2 will be powered by ARM's dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A9 processor, a bump from the current 1GHZ chip. That's what we're talking about—the need for more speed.

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Gyroscope and Accelerometer

These are table stakes for gaming devices. Considering the iPad is geared for larger-screen mobile gaming, we'd expect these to appear in the iPad 2. The iPhone 4 has a 3-axis gyroscope, so the iPad 2 needs one.

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More Multi-touch Please

One of the Motorola Xoom's selling points is that the Android 3.0 is so accessible for multi-touch gestures that the tablet was designed sans physical buttons. Reports are that the iPad 2 may lack a home button for the same reason. Indeed, Apple is leveraging a "multifinger gestures" patent, which covers rotating, zooming, panning, scrolling, flipping and other uses.

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NFC Mobile-Payment App

Sure, Google ushered in near-field communication in its Android 2.3-based Samsung Nexus S in December 2010. While Android 2.3 has NFC baked in and the Nexus S has an NFC chip and controller software, you don't exactly see a lot of mobile payment applications to leverage those capabilities. Apple could one-up Google this spring by pre-loading an NFC mobile payments application in the iPad 2 that supports all major payment plans. Of course, there need to be enough retailers in the U.S. to support the NFC software and iPad 2, but that's a whole other story.

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USB Port

USB port anyone? Yes, of course. One of the first things people noticed about the first iPad was that there was no USB port for connecting other devices.

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Graphics Accelerator

One of the Xoom's big perks is that the Android 3.0 features a 3-D graphics-rendering engine, which is put to good use by this Monster Madness game from War Drum Studios on the Xoom here. How cool would this be in the iPad 2 to bolster gaming?

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