Apple iPhone 4S

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Apple iPhone 4S

It's no secret Apple's iPhone 4S is the most sought-after consumer electronics device in the world. This is for a good reason. The smartphone features Apple's Retina Display, the Siri virtual personal assistant and a starting price of $199 with a two-year agreement that should make just about any Apple fan happy.

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Apple iPad

Having the iPhone available during the day to check email and quickly surf the Web is great, but having the iPad for nighttime is even better. The device mimics the functionality of a notebook, but at $499 and up, comes in at a price that's far more affordable than a Mac notebook. Apple's iPad is a fine companion for any fan.

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Apple iPod

Apple started its mobile push with the iPod. Now, the company is selling a host of iPods, including the Shuffle, the Nano and the Touch. Apple fans wouldn't be Apple fans if they didn't have at least one iPod with them while at the gym or outside for a run.

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Apple MacBook Air

Since the iPad and iPhone can't solve every issue, getting an Apple notebook is probably a good idea for today's fan. The best place to start is with the MacBook Air, which boasts a nice, thin design and a full-sized keyboard, despite its 11- or 13-inch (you decide) screen. The MacBook Air is a great option for those who don't want to spend $2,000 or more on a MacBook Pro.

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Apple iCloud

If you haven't started using Apple's online cloud-based platform, iCloud, it's about time you join the party. According to Apple, more than 100 million people are using the Web-based syncing service. It keeps calendars up to date, syncs music and photos, and doubles as an iPhone locator. Not bad for a free service.

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Apple Mac Pro

Sometimes, notebooks just won't get the job done. In those cases, getting a high-end desktop, like Apple's Mac Pro, is a good idea. The computer is expensive-it'll set customers back more than $2,500, for sure-but it comes with all the power you'll need. And as long as you treat it well and don't engage in unsafe behavior, it should last for several years.

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Apple App Store

Although jailbreaking the iPhone and iPad to get access to third-party application stores might be a fun idea, doing so carries a host of security issues that most folks won't want to deal with. So, rather than take a risk, why not just access apps from Apple's App Store? Most of the good stuff is in there, anyway.

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Apple Mac OS X Lion

All this talk of Macs leaves out one important element that Apple fans can't miss: running Mac OS X Lion is an absolute necessity. Apple's latest operating system, which launched just months ago, is secure, well-built and responsive. It's arguably the best Mac OS X version released to-date.

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Apple iWork

In most cases, Apple fans want no part of anything Microsoft develops. So, they often look for productivity solutions they can use to replace Office. In Apple's case, that means using iWork. The software platform isn't perfect and it lacks much of Office's power, but for those who don't want to play nice with Microsoft, it's one of the best Mac OS X options.

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Apple TV

Although Apple calls it a hobby, the Apple TV is an ideal option for consumers who want to be entertained in the living room. It includes Netflix streaming, allows for access to iTunes music, and lets users stream rentals. Best of all, it only costs $99. Having apps included would be nice, but at that price, it's worth picking up.

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