Apple iPhone 5 Will Sell Extraordinarily Well: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Apple's iPhone 5 appears to be inching closer to launch. When that happens, everything looks favorable for the device to sell exceedingly well.

Over the last several weeks, reports have been swirling around that Apple will be announcing its upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 5, in September. So far, the company hasn't made any indication that that will happen, and chances are it won't divulge any details until Apple CEO Steve Jobs is standing on the stage showing it off. Even so, that hasn't stopped the reports from coming.

One of the more recent rumors suggests that Apple has contracted with a manufacturing company to build 15 million iPhone 5 units. That figure is staggering and suggests that Apple has high hopes for the upcoming smartphone.

Such high hopes are understandable. Even without all the details known at this point, there's little chance that the iPhone 5 won't sell exceedingly well. Simply put,Apple's smartphone is poised for success.

Read on to find out why:

1. The production tallies rarely lie

Although there is no way to prove that Apple requested 15 million iPhone 5 units, the reality is, there's a good chance it did. Apple has a long track record of accurately predicting demand. With each new iPhone release, the company typically accommodates the vast majority of requests within the first few weeks of launch. Given that history, if Apple ordered 15 million units, there's a solid chance that it will sell that many iPhone 5s (and then some). And 15 million units is an impressive figure.

2. 4G could be a winner

Recent speculation suggests that Apple is considering offering 4G connectivity in the iPhone 5. If the company does so, there will be no wonder why the iPhone 5 sells well. When it comes to Web connectivity, 4G is the future. And Apple is the company that likes to capitalize on the future. Once it explains the benefits of 4G-namely, faster connectivity speeds-it won't be long before consumers and enterprise users jump at the chance to ditch 3G in favor of their 4G-equipped iPhone 5.

3. It has been a long wait

In the past, Apple has released its new iPhone models in the summer. However, it doesn't appear to be following that strategy this year. So, by the time the iPhone 5 finally launches, it will have been a long wait for iPhone customers who are used to seeing a new device every 12 months. When there are long waits, demand starts to build up, priming the market for a sales deluge.

4. AT&T could be a cash cow

It's important to keep in mind that iPhone 5 sales need to be considered over the life of the product's availability, not just its initial few months on store shelves. Realizing that, if AT&T gains the regulatory approval it needs to acquire T-Mobile USA, Apple could benefit greatly, since the company'siPhone will be available to tens of millions more customers who are chomping at the bit to have Apple's smartphone in their hands. With T-Mobile's help, Apple's iPhone 5 sales could explode.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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