Apple's Jan. 19 Media Event: 10 Things to Expect

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple will be holding one of its typical January media briefings where it introduces one or more new products. Until then, it's always fun to speculate on what Apple will introduce.

It's the middle of January, and that used to be Macworld time. While that once-popular show is no more, that won't keep Apple from sticking to its usual product introduction schedule.Apple is planning to hold a special press event in New York City on Jan. 19.

So far, the company has only said that it will be focused on education, but has not divulged any key details that could provide valuable insight into what exactly it will say. The latest rumors say Apple could discuss textbooks and their integration into iPads, but until the iPhone maker makes that announcement, there's no way to know, for sure.

However, over the last year or so, Apple's events have become a bit easier to predict. Not only does the company now provide clues, but it appears the much-touted secrecy is starting to lose some of its old charm. In fact, more rumors than ever are emerging that actually turn out to be true, despite all of Apple's efforts to prevent news leaks.

Considering that, and given what we know so far about Apple's education event on Jan. 19, it might be a good time to discuss some of the things the company will likely discuss at its show.

Read on to find out what to expect from Apple's Jan. 19event in New York City:

1. Digital textbooks

Let's get the easy one out of the way: Apple will be showing off support for digital textbooks at its New York City event. All the rumors point to the move, and its decision to go to New York further supports it. At this point, unveiling digital textbooks looks to be a near certainty.

2. iPad talk

Apple's iPad will, of course,make a showing at the New York City event. Apple will discuss how it can play an integral role in education, and there's a good chance the company will discuss its strong sales among students. Apple might talk about other products, but the iPad will likely take center stage.

3. Other education-focused announcements

Let's not believe that Apple will be content to simply talk about textbooks. The Cupertino, Calif., company will also likely discuss its other education initiatives and make a case for colleges and universities to adopt its devices. Textbooks are just the tip of the iceberg.

4. Key stats, of course

It wouldn't be an Apple event without the company talking up some of its recent sales figures for its products, from iPads to application downloads. Expect to see Apple start out its show with quite a bit of business data. It might be boring for some listeners, but it's Apple's little way of taking shots at competitors. It will also provide an early indication of whether or not 2012 will be another prosperous year for Apple.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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