Atrix 4G Unboxed

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Atrix 4G Unboxed

The Atrix 4G is unpacked and ready for action.

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Atrix 4G from the Back

A quick peek at the Atrix 4G's 5 megapixel camera and black plastic back, sporting a gray glaze finish and AT&T's logo.

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The Side View

The handset measures 4.6 inches long, is 2.5 inches wide and 0.4 inches thick. Or, slightly shorter than a Sharpie marker and about the same thickness.

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Powering On

The Atrix 4G offers 7 customizable home screens, with the Motoblur UI letting users connect their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Exchange and other accounts to the device.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds played great on the speedy network and appeared crisp, courtesy of the qHD screen.

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Vlingo Voice Commands

Vlingo's voice command application lets users speak into their phones to contact restaurants, call for cabs and other tasks.

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Google Places

Google Places, the local search service, offers an "open now" button to let users search for nearby restaurants that are currently open.

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Google Latitude

Like Vlingo, Google Latitude is preinstalled on the Atrix 4G. Latitude now lets users check-in to their location, a la Foursquare.

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Moto Phone Portal

Another preinstalled app on the Atrix 4G is the Moto Phone Portal, which lets users manage phone content from their PCs via USB cable. Not to be confused with the Webtop app that lets users port phone content to their PCs.

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Fingerprint Scanning

Users may also access their locked Atrix 4G by swiping their finger across the power button's fingerprint reader. How very James Bond with the biometrics!

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Here is the Atrix 4G next to the Motorola Droid X. We show this to highlight the physical differences between the Droid X's rectangular style and the Atrix 4G's softer, rounded edges.

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Docking Components

Now its time for fun with the components Motorola sent us. Pictured here are the HD Multimedia Dock and the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to manage the Atrix 4G while it's in the dock.

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HD Multimedia Dock

The Atrix 4G plugs into the dock via the HDMI and USB ports.

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Then we connected the accompanying HDMI cable from the dock to our TV to port media content created and stored on the Atrix 4G.

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The Atrix 4G recognizes it is plugged into a display and offers to port our content to the big screen. Users can manage their controls via the Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse.

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Motorola even provides this keyboard tutorial for the big screen.

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Media on the Big Screen

Here are the media options. Users simply toggle between menus to display their Atrix 4G content. Note the Atrix 4G in its dock to the left of the TV.

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Crisp Photos and Videos

Here we see Motorola's Atrix 4G+ HD Multimedia Dock in action. The pictures and videos are crisp.

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