BBM Channels' Dear Photograph: 14 Biggest Tearjerkers

0-BBM Channels' Dear Photograph: 14 Biggest Tearjerkers
1-Dear Photograph, the BBM Channel Version
2-Dear Photograph: First Day of School
3-Dear Photograph: Deployed Dad
4-Dear Photograph: Pink Pride
5-Dear Photograph: The Journey
6-Dear Photograph: Angels
7-Dear Photograph: Falling
8-Dear Photograph: Bike Ride
9-Dear Photograph: Dads
10-Dear Photograph: Hike Around Town
11-Dear Photograph: A Real Cowboy
12-Dear Photograph: Grandpas
13-Dear Photograph: One More Day
14-Dear Photograph: Proud
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BBM Channels' Dear Photograph: 14 Biggest Tearjerkers

by Michelle Maisto

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Dear Photograph, the BBM Channel Version

"At the time, it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram. I'm still proud of my father."

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Dear Photograph: First Day of School

"Letting go of my mother's hand the first day of school was always the hardest."

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Dear Photograph: Deployed Dad

"Every little girl needs her daddy, funny thing is, I need you more than ever now that I'm a teenager. I'll be ok while you're deployed, but it's still the hardest thing ever to watch you go ... you are my hero. Love, Dana"

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Dear Photograph: Pink Pride

"Dear Photograph, My daughter's soccer team rallied around Team Mom Karla, in a circle of love. I hope one day wearing pink will mean they've found a cure. Sadly, this year wasn't Karla's winning season. Missing you, Betty"

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Dear Photograph: The Journey

"Dear Photograph, Blowing Rock was our stop off but not the destination. We never got to where we were headed and regretfully Daddy didn't get to travel that way ... ever again. Larry"

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Dear Photograph: Angels

"Dear Photograph, Can you please tell my aunt Sue to turn the other way and whisper to Aunt D? I need her to tell aunt D all the little secrets on how to beat her breast cancer because she once climbed that mountain too. Maybe then I can keep the tears from falling because I know she will be there for her. Just like we will. Love, Krystal"

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Dear Photograph: Falling

"Dear Photograph, I fell in love with a woman. I'm not ready to let go ... but she is."

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Dear Photograph: Bike Ride

"Dear Photograph, If only I could hop on my bike and pedal around town with my mom just for the day. That adventure would be priceless! Sarah"

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Dear Photograph: Dads

"Dear Photograph, Dad is gone ... but the strength of his arms will always be around us. Holly"

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Dear Photograph: Hike Around Town

"Dear Photograph, I could see for miles and listen to him for hours, up and down all around town ... it will always be the best seat in the house! Love Vikki-Kate"

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Dear Photograph: A Real Cowboy

"Dear Photograph, He was a real cowboy right down to the wallet he carried in his boots. Riding horses and roping cattle throughout his battle with cancer. How we wish he didn't have to ride off into the sunset. Missing him forever. Love, your family"

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Dear Photograph: Grandpas

"Dear Photograph, I wish I could feel that cozy, snuggly place again I once had in your arms. I miss you Pop Pop. Love, Jenna"

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Dear Photograph: One More Day

"Dear Photograph, I want to know what you were like before the illness took over. I'd give anything to go back to this moment and spend the day with you. I hope you're proud of me. Love Always, Halle

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Dear Photograph: Proud

"Dear Photograph, I hope I've made my dad proud. Ryan"

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