eWeek Newsbreak, Dec. 15, 2008

Starting December 16th, travelers on Delta Shuttle flights between New York City, Boston and DC will be able to connect to the web while in flight. Laptops, PDAs, and smartphones will all be able to surf the web, which will costs users $9.95. Delta plans to have its entire fleet of planes covered by May 31, 2009, as well as those of its merger partner, Northwest Airlines. For flights longer than 3 hours, the price of Internet access jumps to $12.95. While IT vendors from IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have made small and midsized business a major focus for more than a year, Super Micro is now also looking to enter the field with a new energy-efficient server system called the SuperServer 5035L-iB. Unison is Challenging Microsoft, IBM, and Google by offering Free Unified Communications. Unison Technologies will be delivering a free, ad-supported unified communications software suite for SMBs that includes e-mail, instant messaging, contacts, calendars and VOIP for messaging and collaboration. Aptana on Dec. 11 released Aptana PHP 1.0, its open-source integrated development environment for PHP application development. With the new product, Aptana extends the functionality the company offers to developers in its Aptana Studio tools suite, which is an Eclipse-based IDE for AJAX and Web development. Meanwhile, Aptana PHP provides common IDE features such as code assist and instant syntax checking capabilities that support not only PHP, but also AJAX libraries, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.