Galaxy Player

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Galaxy Player

Perhaps Samsung sees the traditional iPods slowly declining sales numbers as an opportunity to jump into the market: The company plans on rolling out a 5-inch Galaxy Player that offers a touch-screen portable-media platform via Google Android.

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Big Screen

Samsung likely hopes the version of the Galaxy player with a 5-inch screen will draw in users looking for the (portable) big-screen experience.

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The Galaxy Players camera employs a familiar Android interface.

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Samsung is also offering the Galaxy Player in a 4-inch form-factor. Based on a brief run-through, it seemed basically the same as the 5-inch edition, in terms of user interface.

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Galaxy Tab

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab remains Samsungs flagship tablet product, although the company is expected to launch a larger-screen version soon.

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According to a new IDC report, the Galaxy Tab held 17 percent of the tablet market, which was good enough for second place, but lagging behind the iPad at 73 percent.

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Samsung imagines its growing array of tech products as operating in an interlinked ecosystem, similar to Apple.

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Smart Hub

Samsung plans on adding its "Smart Hub," loaded with apps and other features, to its televisions. This seems a move to compete with the likes of Google TV and Apple TV.

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Samsungs newest laptops offer a choice of SSD (solid-state drives), bringing them on par with rivals portable offerings.

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Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S, offered in multiple variants on multiple carriers, continues as the companys flagship Android-based smartphone.

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At the New York City event, Samsung executives suggested the companys heavy emphasis on 3D for the consumer market would presage a plan to introduce similar 3D functionality to enterprise-centric devices.

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Series 9

Samsungs Series 9 notebooks offer light weight (2.89 pounds) and thinness, paired with Windows 7 Professional and seven hours of battery life.

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Business Laptops

Samsungs Series 2, 4 and 6 business notebooks come in 12.5- and 14-inch models, and feature Windows 7 Professional. Like the Series 9, Samsung boasts these laptops seven-hour battery life.

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Unlike the Series 9, Samsungs business-oriented notebooks seem thicker and more square. The Series 2 features either Intels Celeron or Core i3 processor, while the Series 4 and Series 6 include the option of Core i3 through Core i7.

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