Geekspeak: February 19, 2001

Half a Keyboard'S Better Than Nothing

Nearly every method for inputting data in a handheld computer requires users to learn a new way to enter the letters and numbers with which they fill their personal digital assistants, but a new Palm OS-based add-on from Matias at least tries to meet them halfway.

The Matias Half Keyboard saves space by dumping the right half of a QWERTY keyboard and superimposing the missing keys on the units left half—to type one of the orphaned letters, you hold down the space bar while hitting its foster-home key.

As inconvenient and unusual as this may sound, it works pretty well because you end up typing the missing letters with the same finger you would use on a full-size keyboard.

The Half Keyboard will be available soon and will cost $99—a bit pricey, but in line with other Palm keyboard products.

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