Google Now for Android Gets TV Information, Shopping Offer Deals - Page 2

Users of Google Now set their own preferences for what information cards appear on their mobile devices. So far, more than 30 cards are available for Android users to receive instant updates about public transportation, flight information, traffic reports, sports scores, appointments, weather, hotels, events, restaurant reservations and more.

The iOS version of Google Now continues to lack some of the cards provided in the Android version.

In March, reports surfaced that Google Now is also under development for desktop users. An early glimpse of the upcoming feature was posted on Google+ by a French developer, Francois Beaufort.

The service is not yet live, but its appearance in the beta build could indicate that Google is looking at expanding its use to the desktop. For desktop computer users, Google Now could deliver an experience that brings real-time information on a variety of things, such as news, weather, sports and more.

A useful setup guide for installing and organizing Google Now on your devices is available through Android Authority.

In December 2012, Google Now received a host of other intriguing improvements aimed at making holiday travel easier and less stressful, including the availability of instant, up-to-date travel information before users even head to the airport, train station or bus terminal.

Google Now also brings travelers helpful information on the weather and things to do in their destination city as they travel.

Once travelers are at their destination, Google Now can display options for things to do in the new location, including information on local events near users, as well as suggestions for Websites to explore the events and to get more information on museums, culture and more.

In February, Google Now for Android added several updates, including the ability for users to get instant movie ratings before heading to a local theater, while also being able to receive their tickets right on the screen of their device. Also added was the instant availability of listings for houses and condos for sale in local neighborhoods, making it easier for homebuyers to find the place that's right for them.