HP Unveils 4 Enterprise-Ready ZBook Mobile Workstations - Page 2

The graphics systems in the HP ZBook Studio, ZBook 15 and 17 have all been beefed up with the latest Nvidia Quadro Professional graphics, providing nearly two times the performance of previous-generation graphics, according to HP.

All of the new HP ZBook mobile workstations also conform to MIL-STD 810G specifications and testing to survive in tough workplace environments.

Lloyd S. Cohen, a workstation analyst with IDC, told eWEEK that the biggest news in HP's announcements is the new availability of Intel Xeon processors in mobile workstations. "As of last month, there was no Xeon in a mobile workstation," he said. "To me, that is a game-changer to a degree. How much it will impact the mobile market will have to be seen."

The Xeon option is big because it allows enterprise workers who need a powerful machine to now consider getting a laptop for all of their work, he said. "Now that you have a Xeon, you can actually consider replacing your desktop machine with a mobile machine. That wasn't such a reality until now."

The other big news for business users is the new availability of up to 64GB of ECC memory in the ZBook 15 and 17 models, he said. "The fact that you can now support 64GB of memory is a good option for users," said Cohen. "Especially in the oil and gas industries and CAD when you have major data requirements, to be able to run larger data sets is important for many users."

HP's new desktop workstation products, the HP Z Cooler and the internal HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro storage cards, are priced at $120 for the cooler and $1,376 for the Turbo Drive Quad Pro. The Turbo Quad Pro, which is 16 times faster than a Serial ATA solid-state drive, can be configured with up to four modules on one PCIe x16 card, giving sequential performance up to 9.0GB per second. The HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro will be available later in November while the Z Cooler is available immediately.