HTC Surround Borrows from Google Nexus One: iFixit Teardown

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HTC Surround Borrows from Google Nexus One: iFixit Teardown

by Michelle Maisto

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HTC Surround

Microsoft, HTC and AT&T introduced the Windows Phone 7—running HTC Surround—Oct. 11, calling it "the ultimate multimedia device." It retails for $200 with a new two-year contract.

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Similar to Nexus One

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, shown here introducing the Surround and its Windows Phone 7 OS, might think its "a different kind of phone," but the iFixit team found it to be a lot like the Google Nexus One.

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Dual Speakers

Eliminating the need for earbuds, the Surround has a considerable slide-out dual-speaker system with Dolby surround sound, and it can be propped on a kickstand.

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Good news: The Fixit team found the speaker grilles slider mechanism (encased in red in the photo) to be pretty "hefty," so it "should hold up to years of opening and closing."

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Internal Storage

Another discovery: The Surrounds "internal storage" is actually a 16GB microSDHC card, hidden behind some silver tape and two stickers warning that going any further will void the users warranty.

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Five of the six major chips packages on the Surround are identical to those in the Nexus One, while the sixth is a "revised" version of the Google phones chip, reports iFixit. Seen here in orange is the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

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Good Call Quality

Like the Nexus One, the HTC Surround uses dual microphones and an Audience-made voice processor to cancel out background noise for better call quality.

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Repair Rating

The iFixit team liked the phone, calling it "solid" and "capable," as well "audioriffic." But as it doesnt lend itself to easy repairs. The team gave it a 5 out of 10 on its "repairability" scale.

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