INSIDE MOBILE: K-12 Education Needs Mobile Technology - Page 2

Education needs personalization

If you think about it for just a minute, it's pretty obvious that every student learns at a different rate. And not only that, they learn each subject at a different rate. Further, some are more creative while others are more quantitative.

And even more, they learn at different rates during their educational life, with factors such as stability at home, amount of sleep, quality of diet, environment and other things that may affect the learning process. And finally, they take tests at different rates.

But how do you change a very large manufacturing process? There's billions of dollars being spent on the system that took 100 years to structure it the way it is. So the thought was, if you left the manufacturing process in place but gave each student and teacher a laptop with Internet access, the students would learn faster. The overall result would be a "better" educational process. That, however, doesn't change the very core problem: mass "assembly line" education is not the right way to educate our students.

But you can't just throw out all the lesson plans and instead try to teach students individually. That would result in chaos, and a cry for 10 to 20 times the number of teachers and administrators. Costs would skyrocket. So, what's the answer?