Latitude Check-Ins

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Latitude Check-Ins

Here are Google's clear instructions for checking in and claiming deals. After all, the incentive isn't enough; the deals have to be easy to claim to boost transactions.

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The Check-In Deals List

Google posted its formidable list of Latitude check-in deals business partners. Note the three status symbols—Regular, VIP and Guru—Google employs for its check-in game mechanics (a nod to Foursquare). Just as with Foursquare and its Mayor and other status symbols, Google's status rankings are assigned by frequency of check-ins.

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Check-In Deals

From their Android phones, users can find available check-in offers (left) and tap their status to see where they stand and find their check-in history (right).

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Austin Books & Comics

This shop has something for everyone. Regulars who check-in will receive an Austin Books Wooden Dollar with their purchase; its good for $1 off their next visit. VIPs who visit will get a free character button with their purchase. Gurus will walk away with a free bag and board for each new comic they buy.

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Austin Land and Cattle

No, this isn't a place to buy acres of land and livestock. It's a restaurant with some tasty-sounding dishes. For checking in, regulars receive a complimentary burger, pork sandwich or frito pie with the purchase of two beverages. VIPs get a complimentary appetizer or dessert with the purchase of a dinner entree. Nothing for gurus this time around. Sorry. Maybe they've been getting too many frito pies.

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Clown Dog Bikes

We like the sound of this for cyclists. Clown Dog offers 5 percent, 10 percent and 15 percent off parts, accessories and labor for checked-in regulars, VIPs and gurus, respectively. Gurus actually get 20 percent off labor.

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Elysium Nightclub

Feeling clubby? Try Elysium. Club regulars won't get squat. But VIPs will play pinball for free, and gurus will gain free entry on Saturdays for Haven and Sundays for Regression. Sounds like new-age rituals, but they're, no doubt, dance parties.

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Goodie Two Shoes

Even shoe stores are getting down for Latitude check-in deals. Goodie Two Shoes lets regulars purchase $20 or more and receive 20 percent off. VIPs may spend over $50 to receive 30 percent off. Gurus may purchase one pair of shoes and receive the second pair for half off.

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Great Outdoors Nursery

This garden nursery lets regulars enjoy an extra 10 percent off their purchase of a full flat of flowers (20 percent in all). VIPs and gurus receive 10 percent and 20 percent off all non-discounted pottery, respectively.

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Waterloo Records

Music lovers rejoice. This joint doles out 10 percent, 15 percent and 20 percent off all used merchandize for regulars, VIPs and gurus, respectively.

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