Lighter and Thinner, for Same Price

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Lighter and Thinner, for Same Price

Apples iPad 2 is substantially lighter than the original, but has similar battery life and costs the same as the first iPad, with WiFi only models starting at $499.

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Smart Cover for iPad 2

The iPad 2s Smart Cover is magnetically attached to the iPad itself. The device can be configured to wake when the cover is opened or going to sleep when closed.

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iPad 2's Rear Camera

This view of the iPad 2 shows off the rear-facing camera, which can capture 720p video at 30fps; for stills, its not nearly as good as the corresponding camera in the iPhone 4.

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Larger Speaker Grille

The built-in speaker of the iPad 2 sits behind a grille thats substantially larger than the speaker grille of the original.

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Awkward Extraction

The iPad 2s SIM card tray is ejected when the SIM extraction tool is inserted into the device; at the angle shown here, the SIM card will fall out of the tray when the tray is removed.

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Smart Cover Is Versatile

The iPad 2s Smart Cover can be folded to act as a low-angle support for typing, or a high-angle, easel-like support.

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FaceTime Video Conferencing

The iPad 2s built-in cameras can be used for videoconferencing through Apples FaceTime service, which debuted last year with the iPhone 4.

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Digital Output for iPad, iPhone

The Apple Digital AV Adapter allows output of up to 1080p from the iPad 2 to devices that support HDCP content protection.

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