Macworld Shows Off a Slew of Creative, Colorful New Products

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Macworld Shows Off a Slew of Creative, Colorful New Products

by Chris Preimesberger

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Extending Battery Life by Orders of Magnitude

Talk about extended battery life. If you are serious about that—and it's ultra-important in many industries—check out HyperJuice's external battery selection. For example, the top-of-the-line HyperJuice 222Wh extends MacBook activity up to 45 hours and iPads up to 99 hours. You can fully recharge an iPhone up to 52 times on this battery. Price tag: $500.

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Click a Trackball Button, Open an App

Kensington's creative new trackball Mac controllers have all kinds of interesting new features, including software that lets users customize buttons on the trackball to do certain things, like opening preloaded applications through the Mac??íwithout using the keyboard or clicking on an icon. Saving time—any amount of time—is good.

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ZooGue: Sit Up at Any Angle

ZooGue's new iPad cases are the only ones adjustable to any angle and have a fully adjustable headrest mount. They are made of authentic leather, and all ports and buttons are readily accessible.

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LostDog Accessories

These colorful iPod and iPhone covers and jackets, designed and made in France, are all the rage in Europe. Their maker hopes this also happens in the U.S.

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iRig Microphone for iPhone

This is being touted as the first handheld microphone for the iPhone. It is a high-quality condenser-type mike that can be used with not only iPhone, but also iPod touch and iPad. With this, you can make professional-sounding audio and vocal recordings anywhere on an iOS device.

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NeatDesk for Mac

Dislike having to handle receipts in the standard way for expense accounts and other nagging records? No problem. Simply run it through NeatDesk, which scans the receipt, and digitizes it into an expense form for you in seconds. Now, that's a good way to keep all those little pieces of paper away.

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Classy iPad, iPod Displays

Rok Form, a small Santa Ana, Calif.-based company, is run by someone who used to build racecars using lightweight, high-strength alloys. Now he's designing very high-tech-looking holders for Apple products—and getting a lot of attention.

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Style is the Key Word at Macworld

Colorful displays, like this one by HyperDrive, look like they should be at a fashion show. They are indicative of the huge impact Apple's products have had on the creative worlds of music, video, art, photography and fashion.

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Old-School iPhones

Long for the days of corded telephones? Macworld has an application for that. iFusion is showing a device in which the user simply drops in an iPhone to make it an instant old-fashioned desk phone.

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Have Multiple iPhones? Heres an App for That

ParaSync is showing a roll-out tray that can charge up and sync up to 21 iPhones, iPod touches or iPods in one fell swoop. Now that's called mass production.

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New Tool for Teachers

Canson's Paper Show is a clever new system that enables teachers to draw or write on a paper pad with a special pen that has a camera in it. This camera reads what the teacher writes, transports it to a Mac via Bluetooth and a special USB drive holding the software, and then to a classroom screen, where students can all clearly see the lesson. Price for this? A mere $249.

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Ditto Desktop Network Server

This little toaster-size server sits on a swivel stand and can be accessed wirelessly from any iPhone, iPad, Mac—or any other PC.

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Over-the-Shoulder iPad Carrier

Mobius showed a number of customized iPad holders, including this over-the-shoulder one that was getting a lot of attention. The company also has a holder for the backseat of a car that slips over the driver's seat.

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Mac-Based PBX

This FacetPhone IP-PBX business phone system plugs into a Macintosh as a server, and is used with iPhones and iPads. It can handle up to 500 users, and an administrator can monitor all the activity on-screen.

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Portable Smart-Card Reader

Feitan's SmartCard Reader for iPad can go anywhere. The reader gets its power straight from the iPad; think of what this can do for cab drivers, salesmen and field reps of all types.

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Storage Expressly for Macs

Irvine, Calif.-based StoragePro is showing server-like 2TB and 4TB toaster-size desktop storage devices for Macintosh machines that feature exterior displays showing activity and available capacity. They use hot-swappable 2.5-inch, 1TB hard drives.

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