Marble Cloud Launches Mobile Security Service for iPhone, Android

The platform is comprised of three components that allow IT departments to manage and secure a variety of Android, Windows and iOS mobile devices.

Security specialist Marble Cloud, formerly known as IronKey, announced the Oct. 15 launch of Marble Access, a cloud-access management platform aimed at companies deploying bring-your-own-device initiatives. The platform is comprised of Marble App, Marble Network and Marble Cloud management service. Marble Access is now available on Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs, Windows-based and Linux notebooks, PCs, Google Android smartphones, tablets and other endpoints.

Marble Access works by creating hardened endpoint clients that are isolated from Trojans, keyboard loggers, man-in-the-browser, bad apps and other threats on the endpoint. These secure browser clients are then linked using cryptography and strong authentication through a multi-layer security system that includes a trusted network and a cloud-based managed authentication and risk analytic service to provide an end-to-end cloud access management solution that is isolated from endpoint or network threats. Marble Access is comprised of three elements, including a self-configuring application based on policies defined by enterprise customers on the Marble Cloud management service.

The Marble App is hardened and isolated from malware and keystroke loggers. The Marble Network virtual private network (VPN) service allows end users to access the Marble Network, a VPN service that encrypts cloud access on WiFi hotspots. In addition, secure domain name system (DNS) with real-time blacklists prevents users from visiting phishing, malware distribution and other fraudulent Websites.

The Marble Cloud management service allows IT administrators to define policies across PC and mobile device platforms for cloud access control, endpoint security, VPN configuration, cloud access whitelists, malware scanning and jailbreak detection on the cloud service. A risk dashboard gives visibility and control to the IT admin including employee and consultant use of the system.

“Internet and cloud security is fundamentally broken, and you don’t need to look past the daily headlines about hackers’ latest successes to know it,” Marble Cloud founder and CTO Dave Jevans said in a statement. “The Marble platform turns the endpoint and cloud security paradigm on its head. The difference between our approach and everyone else boils down to isolation, an integrated, multi-layer approach that has already proven to be more effective at preventing zero-day attacks than detect and patch.”

The company also announced it has changed its corporate name to Marble Cloud from Iron Key. The IronKey brand is now wholly owned by Imation Corp., which last year acquired the IronKey secure mobile storage business and products. Jevans said the name was chosen because of the durable and elegant nature of the stone, as well as the different ways the material can be used. “Marble is a distinctive new name that connotes strength and elegance, and our customers should continue to expect market-leading cryptography-rich cloud security solutions as we move forward under our new banner,” Jevans said.