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5. The kickstand is a game-changer

Although some have questioned Microsoft€™s decision to include a kickstand with the Surface, the fact is, it€™s a game-changer. A kickstand extends the overall usability of the device and makes it easier for folks to get tasks done. There€™s nothing worse than trying to juggle multiple products in two hands. And the kickstand solves that problem.

6. Ample storage

According to Microsoft, the Windows 8 Pro version of its Surface will come with 128GB of storage. Apple€™s new iPad tops out at 64GB. That€™s an important thing to keep in mind. As users bring more content, including video and audio, to their tablets, they need as much storage as possible. Having twice as much storage in the Surface than in the iPad is a major advantage for Microsoft.

7. The Windows 8 element is important

As noted, the Surface comes with Windows 8. But simply saying that that means it€™ll come with a full-fledged experience isn€™t enough. The fact is Windows 8 has an excellent chance of becoming one of the most popular versions of the software ever. And according to some who have used it, the OS could eclipse Windows 7 in overall functionality and popularity. Windows 8€™s inclusion in Surface will be a major factor in its success.

8. Apple€™s experience is getting old

Apple has done a fine job selling millions of iPads around the world, but it€™s about time someone states the obvious: the iOS experience is getting a little tired. Apple has done little to dramatically improve the way the operating system functions and the fact that there is no file system in place is a conundrum. Until Apple makes iOS more sophisticated and stops it from playing the same old game, Surface looks awfully attractive.

9. It€™s a true Ultrabook or laptop replacement

Microsoft has said that Surface is a new kind of device and it€™s hard to argue that point. In one way, Surface can be a tablet replacement. In another, it can take on notebooks or Ultrabooks. The Windows RT version is fine for those who only want a slate. But the Windows 8 Pro option is ideal for folks looking for a notebook or Ultrabook replacement. Finally, tablets are starting to cannibalize notebooks.

10. The overall design is top-notch

Finally, it€™s worth taking a look at the overall design of Microsoft€™s Surface. By all measure, it€™s nice looking and can go a long way in matching Apple€™s iPad in look and feel. Is it better looking than the iPad? That€™s tough to say. But it€™s safe to say that it€™s on an equal footing with Apple€™s tablet.

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