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Science Fiction

For the seriously paranoid, some space-age solutions are already available. Siemens has introduced an add-on capability for phones that can encrypt conversations, Javaid said. Such technologies are used primarily by government workers, but he said he believes that certain industry segments might be interested in such rigorous precautions. Oil companies, for example, spend billions on exploration and want that information kept confidential. "Some of their security is more stringent than [that of] governments," he said.

There have also been some products designed for Palm devices with fingerprint-identification technology, he said.

Even more far-out ideas could be morphed from their original intent to fit the wireless security needs of some corporations. Some law enforcement agencies have been working on a technology that could render a handgun, such as one carried by a police officer, useless if someone else tries to use it. Such technology could be ported to a handheld device, Javaid said.

Still, after all of these impressive security solutions are created and deployed, no one actually believes that theyll stop the troublemakers. "Im not saying that with a sense of resignation," Javaid said. "Its a battle of attrition. It requires constant vigilance and understanding."