Nokia X7

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Nokia X7

Slim and curvy, the architected Nokia X7 seems to aspire for a spot on the Manhattan skyline. Made of stainless steel and glass, it's available in "Dark Steel" or "Silver Steel," and measures 119.7 by 62.8 by 11.9 mm.

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4-Inch Display

The X7 is Nokia's first smartphone with a 4-inch touch display. It comes with an 8GB memory card—though support for a 32GB card—WiFi support, free walking and driving navigation, and two HD video games installed. Nokia has kept quiet, however, about the details of its processor.

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The X7 also features an 8-megapixel camera with a third-generation dual-LED flash. Nokia priced it at about $550 and promised a second-quarter debut.

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Nokia E6

The Nokia E6, also scheduled for a second-quarter debut, is priced at about $492.

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Anna OS

Also available in two shades, the E6 features a 2.46-inch LCD capacitive touch display, a full QWERTY keypad and, like the X7, the new Symbian Anna operating system, which includes a faster browser, refreshed Ovi Maps and enhanced text input. It can also act as a WiFi hotspot to other devices, as well as a data modem.

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Sizing Up

The E6 is nearly the same size as the Apple iPhone 4. But while the iPhone is 9.3 mm thick, the E6's rear-facing 8-megapixel camera sticks out a bit, putting its depth at 10.5 mm.

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

In recent years, Nokia has steadily lost market share to Apple and Android-running smartphones. On Feb. 8, an internal memo from new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to staff members was made public. In the memo, he warned that Nokia's survival depended on a "radical change" and some actions there were previously unimaginable.

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Elop and Steve Ballmer

On Feb. 11, that radical change was made clear. At a London event, Elop, eventually joined on stage by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, announced that, while Nokia would continue to support Symbian for a time, Microsoft's Windows Phone OS would be its new priority. Elop joined Nokia in September, after stepping down as the president of Microsoft's Business Division.

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Concept Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia offered some examples of concept Nokia smartphones running the Microsoft OS.

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