Palm Rolls Out Two New PDAs

The Zire 71 touts a built-in digital camera, while the Tungsten C adds integrated Wi-Fi WLAN support.

Palm Inc. on Wednesday announced two new handheld devices for the spring, the Zire 71, designed for consumers, and the Tungsten C, designed for business users.

The Zire 71 includes a built-in digital camera, a feature that used to appear on only expensive high-end cell phones and handheld devices, but now is hitting the mainstream. (See PC Magazines review of the Zire 71.)

The device also includes a photo album application, a video player and an MP3 player. It comes with 16MB of memory and a 144MHz ARM processor from Texas Instruments Inc. The Zire 71, available now, costs $299, said officials at Palm, in Milpitas, Calif.

The Tungsten C is Palms first device to ship with integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless LAN support. It includes 64MB of memory, a 400MHz Xscale processor from Intel Corp., and several built-in business applications.

The Palm Tungsten C is due on May 5, with a street price of $499.

Both products feature Palm OS 5.2, transflective color screens with resolutions of 320X320 pixels, and support for multiple expansion cards.

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