Power.ME a Good Tool for Solo Use

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Power.ME a Good Tool for Solo Use

by P. J. Connolly

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Create Projects and Tasks with Ease

The "Add" button on the Power.ME interface allows the user to easily create new projects or tasks, as well as supporting materials for a project or task.

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A Web Version to Match

The Web version of Power.ME is a useful tool when collaborating with conventional desktop and notebook computers; the user interface can, in some ways, be more intuitive when viewed with a Web browser.

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Manage Data Transfers

The Power.ME HD client for iPad allows the user to control what information is downloaded during synchronization with back-end servers.

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Putting the User in Charge

The Power.ME interface gives one-click access to projects, tasks and the applications built-in calendaring system.

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It's All in the Details

Tasks and projects can be viewed in detail with the ability to add notes on project status and scheduling; these are automatically replicated to the Power.ME server when created by a registered user.

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When the Bell Tolls

Task and project scheduling in Power.ME has only one known glitch: Users can change the due date of a task without requiring permission of the task owner.

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Options for the Web User

Users of the Power.ME Web client can tweak some aspects of its appearance. The overall look and feel closely matches that of the iPad version of the software.

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Project Notes at One's Fingertips

Sometimes, it takes more than a few words to explain a task, and at other times, one may want to make sure all the specifics are listed. Users can add copious notes to Power.ME project and task entries.

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Task Specifics in a Single Place

A task in Power.ME has many facets, including assignee, status and timing for the task. The software even tracks the last modification of the details, but lacks a way to indicate who last modified the task.

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