PreEmptive Solutions Adds Analytics to Windows Phone 7 Applications

PreEmptive Solutions, a maker of application protection and monitoring solutions, announces a new analytics solution for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

WASHINGTON-PreEmptive Solutions, a maker of application protection and monitoring solutions, has announced a new analytics solution for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

Gabriel Torok, president of PreEmptive, demonstrated the technology at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) here during Microsoft Senior Vice President for Mobile Computing Andrew Lees' Windows Phone 7 Value keynote. PreEmptive's new Runtime Intelligence solution provides a general-purpose means of generating application usage data from Windows Phone 7. Essentially, the PreEmptive solution injects instrumentation into Windows Phone 7 applications to generate near real-time application analytics, Torok told eWEEK.

The combination of Runtime Intelligence and Windows Phone 7 offers developers and ISVs a ready-made Customer Experience Improvement program while providing existing and potential users with evidence to prioritize and justify application investments.

"Understanding how software is actually being used translates into improved software quality, increased end-user satisfaction and adoption, and a higher return on application investments," Torok said in a statement. "The ability to inject Runtime Intelligence into both Windows Phone 7 components and backend application tiers offers a unique means to measure and monetize mobile applications across distributed computing platforms."

"PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7 is an example of how Microsoft's tools and developer platform offer unique opportunities for developers and partners," said Brandon Watson, director of Windows Phone 7 development at Microsoft, also in a statement. "Runtime Intelligence offers Windows Phone 7 developers a great way to enhance the value of their applications."

The Windows Phone 7 Runtime Intelligence Partner Program provides ISVs and Systems Integrators with early access to Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7 and specialized technical support services. For more information on how to join this program, contact Sebastian Holst, CMO of PreEmptive Solutions, at

"We allow anybody building on .NET or Java to inject analytics into their application," Torok told eWEEK in an interview at WPC. "We support cloud apps, desktop apps or Web apps, and now we have added the ability to do the same with mobile applications on Windows Phone 7."

With PreEmptive's solution, developers can, without writing any extra code, inject analytics into their applications. "One of our core competencies is taking an application after it's been written and instrumenting it," Torok said.

PreEmptive's Runtime Intelligence enables users to collect session information, system information, stability information and practically any kind of data about usage of a device, Torok said. He said the technology also can be used to gather information from applications running on embedded devices powered by Windows Embedded Standard 7.