Pro: Apps

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Pro: Apps

If there is any clear advantage that the iPhone enjoys, its the sheer number of applications available to the device. According to Apples Website, it currently has more than 350,000 applications available to iPhone owners. Those apps offer everything from gaming to social networking to business productivity. And most importantly, they make the iPhone all the more appealing.

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Con: The Small Display

Apples iPhone 4 comes with a 3.5-inch Retina Display. For a while, that size screen was just fine. But now that several devices, including the Motorola Droid X and the HTC Evo 4G, boast 4.3-inch displays, the time has come for Apple to follow suit. When viewing video content and surfing the Web, the larger size of the 4.3-inch display comes in handy.

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Pro: iOS 4

Although Google has been trying desperately to catch up to Apple in the mobile operating system space, the company has yet to do so. The reason for that is simple: iOS 4. Apples latest operating system iteration is its best yet. It offers multitasking, improved native apps and a level of usability that has so far been unmatched in the smartphone market. If software is important to a potential customer, iOS is what they should plan on using.

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Con: No 4G

Unfortunately, when Apple announced the Verizon iPhone earlier this year, the company said that the device would not be able to connect to the carriers 4G network. With the help of 4G, consumers can browse the Web much faster than they can on 3G. The technology is the future of mobile connectivity. But without the ability to connect to 4G, the iPhone isnt as worthwhile a purchase as it could be.

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Pro: The Best Design in the Business

Take a look at the current iPhone and try to find a single device from any handset maker that can even come close to matching the design of Apples smartphone. Time and again, Apple has proven that it knows how to design a device. And with the glass finish on the iPhone 4, it has possibly outdone itself. Until another company can even come close to matching the iPhones design, they will have trouble competing with Apple.

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Con: You Need a Case

As soon as the iPhone 4 launched, consumers were realizing that when they held the smartphone in a certain way, they would lose signal reception and lose call connections. When the Verizon iPhone launched, it was believed that the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, it wasnt. So far, Apple has only offered up a single solution—a case. Its unfortunate. Not only does it potentially add another expense to the ownership of the device, but it covers what is a downright beautiful smartphone.

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Pro: The Retina Display Is Fantastic

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone 4 last year, he spent considerable time discussing the Retina Display, which provides higher-quality visuals that consumers would find in previous versions of the smartphone. After getting their hands on the iPhone 4, just about every customer was impressed by the Retina Display. It offers a level of visual quality that has been unmatched by any company—Apple or otherwise.

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Con: Where's the White iPhone?

At the event unveiling the iPhone 4 last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that his company would be launching a white version of the smartphone. Over time, however, the white iPhone was delayed time and again as Apple faced production issues. As of this writing, the white iPhone is still not on store shelves. Some of prospective buyers would agree that thats unfortunate.

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Pro: FaceTime Is Really Useful

Although FaceTime wasnt the most celebrated feature Apple brought to the iPhone 4 at launch, the service has quickly become a favorite of Apple fans. Not only does it work on the iPhone 4, but its now available on the iPod Touch, Macs equipped with Webcams and the iPad 2. As long as a person is connected to the Web over WiFi or Ethernet and has an Apple product, they can video chat with others.

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Con: No Removable Storage Slot

One of the most desired iPhone and iPad features is an SD card slot. Although the iPhone comes with 16GB and 32GB of storage, many people would like to have more storage with the help of an SD card. Plus, being able to pull content off the device via an SD card would be great, as well. With any luck at all, Apple will be bringing an SD card slot to the iPhone 5.

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