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Perhaps equally interesting are reports from other analysts that are saying that about 60 percent of iPhone X orders are for the more expensive 256 gigabyte version. The demand for high-end iPhones is also apparently translating to the iPhone 8, where the larger and more expensive iPhone 8 Plus is selling in larger numbers than the iPhone 7 Plus last year at the same time. Sales numbers for the iPhone 8, on the other hand are below those of the iPhone 7 last year.

All of the new iPhones being introduced in 2018 will support Face ID, which means that they will have the notch at the top where the phone’s infrared projectors and sensors live. The Touch ID will continue in the older versions of iPhones which apparently will remain on the market as has been the case in past years.

One thing that’s not clear is the price for the new 6.5-inch iPhone. The current iPhone X starts at $999. If the iPhone X follows the current practice, then the 6.5-inch model would cost $100 more, making the starting price $1,099. But because there’s only one model of the iPhone X with two different memory variations, the traditional price difference may not apply.

The higher resolution screen is going to be expensive and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the difference between those two phones moving to $150 or even $200. This is taking the iPhone into the same price category as the iPad Pro, meaning that on one side the new iPhone impinging on the market space held by iPad Mini in terms of size and the iPad Pro in terms of price. Should we start thinking of the new device as taking the place of the Mini? Are we perhaps seeing the iPhone Pro in the making?

While calling this new phone the iPhone Pro, while also giving it physical properties similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to be announced in August 2018, might be pushing things, it seems to be the direction the mobile industry is taking. The Note 9 is expected to have a screen that’s only slightly smaller than the new iPhone. However it will cost less and have a stylus.

Of course there are rumors that the Note 9 will have a fingerprint reader under the glass display. That’s something Apple hasn’t figured out yet.

But whatever it’s called, it’s clear that a new battle of the phablets is on for next year, with Apple and Samsung as the main contenders.

Wayne Rash

Wayne Rash

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