Samsung Galaxy S II: Desirable Phones with Undesirable Names

Samsung's Galaxy S II is drawing rave reviews for everything but its silly names on Verizon (Function), AT&T (Attain) and Sprint (Within).

Samsung's Galaxy S II handsets caused quite a stir when the phone maker unveiled prototypes at Mobile World Congress in February, but for now the nomenclature U.S. carriers have affixed to their devices has gadget geeks scratching their heads.

An early Webpage from retailer Wireless Xcessories Group lists the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function from Verizon Wireless, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Attain from AT&T and Samsung Galaxy S 2 Within from Sprint. No word on any such device from T-Mobile as of yet.

These names have been confirmed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, so it isn't a joke. Official or not, bloggers have called these names anything from too Zen-sounding to "stupid."

If the brands hold, eWEEK will call the branding undesirable. Consumers, especially mobile gadget-craving teenagers, don't want to purchase phones named for quests of spiritual enlightenment.

Fortunately, Samsung appears to have product hardware and processing power, including a 1.2GHz processor humming along in a .33-inch thick (same as the iPad 2) handset that borders on magical.

PC Magazine and Boy Genius Report loved the Galaxy S II, even as a pricey unlocked unit for $799.

Meanwhile, Samsung has mysteriously nixed a launch event of some kind it had penciled in for May 24. A spokesperson declined to explain why, though it was likely a Galaxy S II or Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 coming-out party.

Stay tuned as eWEEK, which has been testing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 it received at Google I/O last week, ferrets out more details.