Top 10 Free Google Android Productivity Apps

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Top 10 Free Google Android Productivity Apps

Top 10 Free Google Android Productivity Appsby Clint Boulton

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Byte Spreadsheet

Compatible with Microsoft Excel and other XLS programs, Spreadsheet from Byte Squared is a professional spreadsheet program for Android.

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OI File Manager

From OpenIntents, this File Manager lets users browse their SD card, create directories, as well as rename, move and delete files.

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AK Notepad

AK Notepad, named for its creator Andrew Kurniadi does what it says it does: lets you take notes on your Android phone. Get that shopping list ready!

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Voice Recorder

Records voice conversations to the phone's SD card. It's a great reporters' tool from Mamoru Tokashiki.

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OI Notepad

Another tool from Open Intents, this Notepad lets users create, send, edit and delete notes.

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Battery Widget

This graphical Battery Widget shows the exact battery level and charging status. This nice little tool comes from GeekYouUp.

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Astrid To-do List

Here is an open source to-do list with tagging, reminders and Remember-the-Milk sync.

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JetCet PDF

From Westek LLC, JetCet PDF helps users read their PDF documents from their Android phones.

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Note Everything

OK, so Android Market has a lot of note pads and task list tools. That speaks to the importance of apps such as SoftExperience's Note Everything, which we like because it boasts shortcuts and the ability to send notes, search, encrypt content and offer reminders.

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Billed as an app that lets users "solve things in your hand," HandyCalc is a calculator with automatic suggestion and solving capabilities.

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