Verizon iPhone 4 Sales Draw ATandT Refugees, Valentine Gift Shoppers

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Verizon iPhone 4 Sales Draw ATandT Refugees, Valentine Gift Shoppers

by Wayne Rash

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First in Line for a Verizon iPhone

Mike Palmer from Chantilly, Va., displays the card denoting his first place in line to purchase a new iPhone for his wife as a Valentines Day present. Palmer secured his spot by having his father hold his place starting at 5 a.m. when the mall opened to Verizon customers.

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Waiting for the Right Time

The lucky first customers wait patiently for 7 a.m. to arrive so they can purchase their new Verizon Wireless iPhones. They look unhurried because theyre able to wait inside a heated shopping mall, with a coffee shop a few feet away.

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Next Time, Bring an E-Reader

A little reading material helps pass the time, although this customer might have found it easier to pick up one of the iPads that the Verizon store was offering along with the iPhones.

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Apple Delivers a Pep Rally

Apple employees return to the Apple Store in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Va., following a pep rally theyd held at the Verizon store a few minutes earlier.

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Verizon Wireless VP Stops By

Verizon Wireless Vice President of Corporate Communications Marquett Smith chats with an early iPhone buyer as she enters the store.

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Completing the Deal

Verizon iPhone buyers line up to complete their purchases at the Verizon Wireless store in Fairfax, Va. This was one of several cashier stations, and all were filled with eager buyers.

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Buying an iPhone for Valentine's Day

First customer Mike Palmer goes through the process of buying his wifes new iPhone.

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Taking Home a Valentines Day Surprise

Mike Palmer, having made his purchase, leaves the Verizon Wireless store with the iPhone intended to surprise his wife on Valentines Day, if she doesnt see this slide show first.

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Finding the Boss, No Matter What

Verizon Wireless store manager Karl Gastrock shows off the light stick that he used to identify managers and sales people at the store on launch day.??í Gastrock said this was intended to make it easier to find the right people. However, given the propensity of the DC suburbs to lose power whenever snow is forecast, regardless of whether it actually falls, this may also have been a protective measure.

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All Quiet on the Apple Front

The Apple Store in the same mall as the Verizon Wireless store also opened early to sell Verizon iPhones. However, they didnt actually tell anyone. Since the store was located far away from the very busy Verizon store, few people showed up. Or at least we think thats the case. Apple employees wouldnt let eWEEK approach their customers.

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