Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown Hints at Apples Future

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Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown Hints at Apples Future

by Michelle Maisto

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AT&T Apple iPhone 4

At a glance, the two Apple iPhone 4 smartphones appear identical. However, there are a few outward changes. On the Verizon phone, the SIM card slot is missing, and the antenna has been shifted. Note the subtle differences at the top of AT&Ts iPhone 4, and the Verizon iPhone seen in the image on the box in the next slide.

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Verizon Wireless iPhone 4

M.J. with repair site iFixit gave the Verizon iPhone 4 a "teardown treatment" to answer, she said, "the million dollar question: Just how repairable is it?" On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, iFixit gave it a 6.

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Qualcomm Chip

The Verizon iPhone 4 uses a Qualcomm MDM6600. While it offers integrated GPS functionality, more notable is that it supports both CDMA technology, which Verizon uses, and GSM, which is used by AT&T and the majority of carriers abroad. This raises the question: Will a single iPhone 5 be compatible with both carriers? Regarding whether the Verizon iPhone will, like the AT&T model, be updated this summer, an Apple spokesperson reportedly told the Times David Pogue: "Lets put it this way: Were not stupid."

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Vibrate Mode

The Verizon iPhone also received a complete vibrator makeover. "Our tests show that the new vibrator has a quieter, softer feel, and makes a better sound when on a table," iFixit wrote on its site, although, M.J. added in her video that she found it a little too subtle. The Verizon vibrator is the larger model on top.

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iPhone 4 Comparison

This iFixit photo, from earlier in the teardown, shows that the location of the vibrator has also been change. On the Verizon iPhone 4, shown on the left, the vibrator is on the bottom left corner, versus the top right corner on the AT&T iPhone 4.

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Near-Field Communications (NFC)

iFixit expressed surprise that Apple had spent so much time revamping a phone thats set to be "antiquated" when Apple introduces the iPhone 5 this spring. In addition to the possibility of supporting both GSM and CDMA, the newest iPhone will likely feature NFC technology, enabling the phone to essentially behave like a credit card.

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