Verizon iPhone Beats the ATandT iPhone: 10 Reasons Why

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Verizon iPhone Beats the ATandT iPhone: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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Verizon Has Much Better Coverage

When AT&T first got the iPhone, the companys network was ill-equipped for the immense demand for Apples smartphone. And over the years, it had to invest heavily in improving its coverage. But AT&Ts coverage map still pales in comparison to Verizons. And for the vast majority of customers across the United States, Verizon will offer better coverage in suburban and rural areas than AT&T. Consumers should keep that in mind.

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Hotspot Functionality

One of the main differences between the Verizon iPhone and AT&Ts option is that the former includes the ability for users to share the iPhones 3G connection with up to five other devices. Granted, it costs an additional $20 per month, but for enterprise users that work in teams, having that option available could be extremely important.

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Antennagate No More?

When Apple released the iPhone 4 on AT&Ts network, consumers started finding that the device would lose antenna strength if it was held in a "death grip." Apple later tried rectifying that solution by offering customers cases. The ploy worked, but it wasnt an ideal solution. The Verizon iPhone, on the other hand, seems to address that problem. Early reviews of the device say that it experiences fewer antenna problems than its predecessor.

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The Customer Service Consideration

When buying a smartphone, customers need to think about more than just the device. They should also consider the carriers customer service. And in that case, Verizon wins handily. In fact, a survey from JD Power and Associates revealed recently that Verizons customer service is much better than AT&Ts across the country. Thats a key consideration that consumers should keep in mind.

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Unlimited Data, for Now

At launch, Verizon will be allowing iPhone customers to have access to unlimited data for $30 per month. Currently, AT&T customers are governed by tiered-pricing options. Consumers that intend to use large amounts of data and want to pay as little as possible for that, should probably opt for Verizons iPhone. The company plans to end unlimited data offers at some point in the future, so being grandfathered in now is probably a smart move.

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The Future 4G Consideration

The Verizon iPhone lacks the ability for consumers to connect to the companys 4G network. As disappointing as that might be, consumers should keep in mind that Verizons service is available to more than 100 million potential customers right now. And chances are quite good that the next iPhone will have 4G connectivity. AT&T, on the other hand, lacks a 4G network right now. So, it would seem that if 4G is in a consumers plans in the future, sticking with Verizon is the way to go.

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AT&T's Capacity Problems

AT&T had trouble over the years handling all the people that were hammering its network with iPhones. To rectify that problem, the company spent billions of dollars to invest in more capacity. But even now, its debatable whether the carriers 3G network works as well as it should in some major cities around the United States. On the Verizon front, customers shouldnt need to worry all that much. The exact impact iPhones will have still remains to be seen, but all signs point to Verizon being able to handle the increased usage.

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It's Not an Exact Replica

The iPhone 4 released last year was undoubtedly a worthwhile smartphone for most consumers to buy. It had a beautiful new display, a great design and a version of iOS that customers were happy to use. But there were flaws, such as its antenna problem, that pushed some customers away. Luckily for those folks, the Verizon iPhone isnt an exact replica. And as noted, it fixes the antenna problem AT&T customers have dealt with. The Verizon iPhone doesnt allow for simultaneous data and voice usage, which is a problem with the device, but other than that, its an all-around better product for most customers.

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Verizon's Other Phones Are Superior to AT&T's

As nice as the iPhone is, it might not be right for everyone after they buy it. Moreover, carriers might offer other smartphones in the next couple years that deliver more appeal than Apples iPhone. Thats why customers should think about which carrier offers the best non-iPhone alternatives in the event they dont want Apples smartphone. And right now, thats Verizon, thanks to the Motorola Droid X, the HTC Droid Incredible and other devices.

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Verizon Needs to Try Harder

For nearly four years, Verizon customers have been waiting for the iPhone to be made available on their chosen network. And on Feb. 10, they will finally have what theyve been seeking. But with all the hype that has surrounded the Verizon iPhone and all the anticipation leading up to the announcement, the onus is now on Verizon to prove to customers that their decision to wait for the Verizon iPhone rather than jump to AT&T was a good one. AT&T doesnt have that pressure. It has been able to remain complacent over the years because it was the exclusive provider of the iPhone. Now that has changed. And it seems that Verizon will work harder to win customers than AT&T.

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