When Will It Be Announced?

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When Will It Be Announced?

Historically, Apple has announced plans for its new iPhone at a keynote address at WWDC. However, a recent report says that the company wont be doing that this year. Timing is integral to Apples operation. Consumers are always wondering if they should get the current-generation iPhone or opt for the next version, which might be on its way in short order. Apple needs to figure out when it will announce the iPhone 5 and get down to it.

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When Will it Launch?

Aside from determining when the iPhone 5 will be announced, Apple will also need to reveal when the device will actually launch. Will it follow the summer release timeframe that Apple has followed in the past or will it come out later? At this point, theres no way to know.

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Will It Have 4G?

Many of iPhones competitors this year will have the ability to connect to a carriers 4G network. So far, the iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone do not offer that functionality. In the iPhone 5, it would make sense for Apple to announce compatibility with 4G networks, and numerous rumors suggest it will indeed be coming to the platform. But until Apple announces it, this item is a big question mark.

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How About A Bigger Screen?

The Motorola Droid X, HTCs Evo 4G and other devices on store shelves feature a 4.3-inch display that dwarfs the iPhones 3.5-inch screen. As of late, rumors claim Apple is working on a bigger display for the iPhone 5. It would be a good idea. The larger display might not seem like much of a difference on paper, but when the two sizes are compared, its quite noticeable. The bigger the screen, the more appealing the iPhone 5 will be.

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What Kind of Processor Will It Be Running?

At this point, its an almost guarantee that Apple will be offering a dual-core processor in the iPhone 5, but all the details on the chip are still unknown. Theres also a chance that Apple will try and find a way to trump the competition with an iPhone 5 processor that boasts better functionality, compared with other smartphones. Look for more rumors to surface about the iPhone 5s processor before Apple makes it official.

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Will Verizon's and AT&T's Model Ship at the Same Time?

The iPhone 4 on AT&Ts network launched last summer. Apple didnt offer up the Verizon iPhone until earlier this year. Because the releases are staggered, it should be interesting to see if Apple delivers the AT&T version of its iPhone 5 first, and then offers the Verizon version next year, or if it releases them all at the same time.

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Will It Have iOS 5 Running Out of the Box?

Although Apple said that it plans to talk about the "future" of iOS at WWDC in June, there is some speculation that the company will actually unveil iOS 5, the follow-up to last years iOS 4, in April. Either way, it would be nice to know if the iPhone 5 will actually be running iOS 5 out of the box. Chances are, it will, but if Apple has a different release cycle this year than it did in the past, theres no telling what might happen.

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A New Design, Perhaps?

The iPhone 4 was a major leap in capability, compared with its predecessor. Its design was also a major advancement over the previous option. But as of late, some rumors have surfaced saying that the iPhone 5 will come with a vastly different design, complete with aluminum. It should be interesting to see what Apple unveils once it finally provides deals on its next iPhone.

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What Will Happen with the iPhone 4?

Although the talk surrounding the iPhone 5 has to do with that device specifically, its important to remember that the iPhone 4 is still a worthwhile option for customers. Moreover, Verizon customers only recently got their hands on the device. When Apple announces the iPhone 5, will it offer the iPhone 4 for a reduced price, like it did with the iPhone 3GS, or discontinue it? The future of the iPhone 4 is up in the air right now.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Perhaps more than anything, customers care about how much the iPhone 5 will cost. Will it offer the right value for what Apple is promoting? In the past, Apple has offered its new iPhones for the same price as the old models. Chances are, the company will do the same this year, since the iPhone 5 likely wont be a major step up over its predecessor. But until Apple confirms a price, consumers will be left to wonder how much the next version of its smartphone will set them back.

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