Wireless Web Digest: Wi-Fi Around the World

In this installment of the Supersite's Web Digest, the EC does something about spectrum, Tawiwanese WLAN companies stand up to Centrino, Telstra joins a Wi-Fi alliance, Microsoft and Wind River rule the world of embedded systems, and more.

Microsoft, Wind River Lead in Embedded OS Sales

A new study places Microsoft as the new leader in revenues earned from the sale of embedded operating systems and bundled software in 2002, with perennial market leader Wind River Systems dropping to the second spot. The authors of the study added, however, that Wind River continues to hold "a commanding market leadership position" in the specific area of real-time operating systems, which it has long dominated. The study, compiled by Venture Development, reflects revenues earned from the sale of real-time and non-real-time embedded operating systems.

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EC Calls on Member States to Free Up WLAN Spectrum

The European Commission called for member states to promote public wireless broadband services such as Wi-Fi. The Commission adopted a recommendation on Thursday that encourages EU countries to allow for the deployment of what it calls public R-LAN access networks (R as in Radio) with as little regulatory burden as possible. R-LANs are currently operating mainly in license-exempt frequency bands. The Commission said that such networks should be made available without sector specific conditions and subject only to general authorizations.

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Mobilepro Awarded Patents for Smart Antenna Technology

Start-up MobilePro was awarded five patents for its CDMA and W-CDMA smart antenna processing technology. The patents protect some of the core design and processes of the companys wireless modem technology. The companys smart antenna technology is designed to support more users than a standard antenna, and has the potential to produce fewer errors using less power. MobilePro has other patent applications pending related to semiconductor chip modem design and implementation.

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Centrino Poses Little Threat to Taiwan WLAN Chipmakers

Taiwan-based WLAN chipmakers say they feel little threat from Intels recent move into the wireless network market. Intels March 12 Centrino launch should have limited impact in the near term, said Taiwans ADMtek and Realtek Semiconductor. For the time being, demand for upgrading notebooks with WLAN capability is far stronger than replacement demand, said Realtek. ADMtek added that its downstream clients, such as PCMCIA card makers, enjoyed 20% shipment growth this quarter from the fourth quarter of last year, ironically with the help of Intels Centrino wireless technology promotion campaign.

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Telstra Joins Asian Wi-Fi Broadband Alliance

Telstra is becoming part of an Asian wireless broadband alliance, which now includes five major telcos in Asia. The members of the wireless broadband alliance, include Korea Telecom, China Netcom, Malaysias Maxis Communications Berhad and Singapores StarHub. The Wi-Fi alliance will provide "hotspot" connections at international airports, hotels and business hubs, where business travelers can wirelessly connect to the Internet through ports throughout Asia. The alliance partners say they are trying to simplify roaming and billing for business travelers in Asia.

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