An Inconvenient IT Truth

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An Inconvenient IT Truth

An Inconvenient IT Truth by Michael Vizard Editorial Director Ziff Davis Enterprise Group

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - What Are the Odds?

There's a 24 percent chance that an IT organization will experience issues with power on its network.Source: APC-MGE

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - How Much Money?

Surveys show that 48 percent of IT budgets is being spent on energy.And 70 percent of those surveyed say power and cooling are now their biggest problem.More than 50 percent of the power going into a typical data center goes to the power and

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - What Do They Consume?

177,000,000 kwh of Electricity 60,000,000 gallons of Water 145,000 lbs of Copper 21,000 lbs of Lead 33,000 lbs of Plastic 73,000 lbs of Aluminum 12,000 lbs of Solder 377,000 lbs of Steel 32,000,000 kwh of Primary En

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - Supply Not Meeting Demand

The power industry is not adding enough capacity to keep pace with worldwide demand.The closer your data center is to inexpensive power sources, the better. Google is moving its data centers to the Columbia River area to save money.States ar

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - Cause

By 2008, 50 percent of today's data centers will have insufficient power and cooling.Through 2009, energy costs will emerge as the second-highest operating cost of a data center, behind labor.Source: Gartner

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - And Effect

By 2010, half of all data centers will have to relocate or outsource applications to another facility.Over the next five years, 90 percent of all companies will experience a power disruption.In that same period, one in four companies will

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An Inconvenient IT Truth - Conclusion

Unless IT organizations take a proactive approach to green computing, they will not have the necessary dollars needed to invest in the system.'Humans created 161 exabytes of data in 2006, approximately 3 million times the information in all the boo

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