Apache 2.0 Scales to Windows - Page 2

.0 Beta 1">

Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Beta 1

Web site developers eager to dig into Apache 2.0s portable design and new modular programming model will find that this early beta provides lots of goodies, but it should remain a trial balloon at this stage of its release.

SHORT-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // Threading support offers an immediate capacity boost on most Unix platforms.

LONG-TERM BUSINESS IMPACT // This version makes Apache more attractive to large businesses now that they will be able to run it with confidence on Windows systems.

Production-quality operation on non-Unix operating systems; support for threads can provide a big scalability boost; better use of native operating system features should speed server operation; modules can modify the output of the other modules.

Still no official, supported administration tools; Apache 1.3 modules need to be redesigned for the 2.0 release.

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