Asigras Televaulting 6.0 Brings Large-Scale Backup

The updated version of the remote office backup and recovery software offers mass deployment and additional cross-platform support.

Asigra is branching out its Televaulting remote office backup and recovery software to incorporate new centralized mass deployment capabilities and provide added support for systems target sources, including VMware, Macintosh, and major database platforms.

Released on Feb. 6, Televaulting v.6.0 offers new hot agentless backup for IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle Database 10g and Microsoft SQL Server 8.0 to allow database administrators to keep running database operations without fear of impact during ongoing backup and recovery processes.

In the case of Oracle 10g, Televaulting 6.0 has a block-level resume feature to keep backup sessions running at the block level rather than at the file level if the connection is somehow lost.

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This operation allows a higher service level to be maintained, said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra, based in Toronto, Ontario.

Version 6.0 of the Televaulting software is capable of operating with the Macintosh operating system, in addition to the cross-platform support of Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows environments extant in the earlier versions.

The product has also been enhanced to back up VMware GSX and ESX servers without adding any agents. Through this model, customers are only charged on compressed data theyre backing up on the VMware Server boxes.

The products mass deployment functionality across remote and branch offices is provided via a new online interface for monitoring and managing remote site deployments of the Televaulting software. Other distributed enhancements include the option to run Televaulting in silent mode so as to not disrupt users on the network.

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Ralph E. Miles, network administrator for the United States Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence at Brooks City Base in San Antonio, Texas, said he plans to install Asigra Televaulting 6.0 in less than six months.

Currently running v.5.9.7 of the backup and recovery software, Miles said he is eager to use the new products mass deployment feature to ease management of a growing mobile workforce.

"We use Asigra to back up all our servers, as well as all the desktops in my enterprise across the nation. The feature of mass deployment means that I can push out to all the desktops a configuration for backing up. Thats very attractive because right now I have to do them one at a time—all 500 of them," Miles said.

Currently, the USAF Center for Environmental Excellence is using Asigra to back up 5.5 terabytes of data across 40 mostly Microsoft servers spread across four states: California, Texas, Georgia and Massachusetts.

Miles said Televaulting 6.0s native support of the Mac operating system will also come in handy since his business unit is working on voice and video integrated data projects that use Mac graphics applications and Unix.

Asigra Televaulting 6.0 is currently available through resellers and service providers. Pricing starts at $11,250.

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