Bioscrypt Protects HP Users Identities

Updated: Bioscrypt is set to offer its IT security platforms to HP business desktop and notebook users, designed to protect user identities, networks and other IT capabilities.

Bioscrypt announced Feb. 5 that it will offer its Verisoft Access Manager Server and other IT capabilities to Hewlett-Packard business PC users.

Verisoft Access Manager allows business professionals to replace passwords and secure user identities and important company information.

The tool also enables business users to store user names and passwords for Web-based and Microsoft Windows applications while providing users with a single-sign-on feature that will help protect a users password as well as the network.

Verisoft Access Manager will run on HP business notebooks and desktop PCs that include Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools, which provides business users with an interface to manage user identity features, credentials and other authentication capabilities.

"To the IT manager, VeriSoft Access Manager ensures that correct access policies are followed throughout the entire enterprise and for the employee, it manages the many passwords required to access networks and applications throughout the organization," Matthew Bogart, director of corporate development for Bioscrypt, told eWEEK.

Bioscrypts platforms are designed to protect user identities, networks and IT functionalities. To deal with each issue, Bioscrypt has integrated its technology into HP business desktops and notebooks.

"Our background in access control enables us to provide a converged solution covering both physical [building] and logical [network/computer] access enabling an enterprise to create a single identity for each user across the enterprise, increasing ease of use and security," Bogart said.

Bioscrypts IT platforms provide HP business users with a variety of authentication methods to protect user identities such as support for biometric, card, token and password identification methods.

Bioscrypt also provides support for Trusted Platform Modules, a hardware chip that can be used to authenticate hardware devices.

Bogart said that Bioscrypt hopes to continue building its relationship with HP.

"We look forward to working with HP in the future to reach a mutual goal of creating a more user-friendly and secure enterprise," Bogart said. "We are also discussing the integration of Bioscrypt software solutions into other HP enterprise offerings."

Editors Note: This story was updated to include comments from a Bioscrypt executive.


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