CA Unveils Support for MS Vista, Servers, Office

CA's records management, e-mail archiving and electronic data discovery software and services will support Office SharePoint Server 2007 starting immediately.

CA is in the process of delivering records management, e-mail archiving and electronic data discovery software and services that will support the new capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

In addition, the company formerly known as Computer Associates, based in Islandia, N.Y., announced Nov. 30 support for Windows Vista, 2007 Office and Exchange Server 2007 across its product lines.

Some of the support is already in place—namely in the risk management and compliance areas. The rest of the CA-Microsoft 2007 support will come out in increments over the next quarter, David Luft, CA senior vice president of development, told eWEEK.

By working natively with SharePoint Server 2007, CA software/services packages will enable IT administrators to centrally manage all SharePoint Server 2007-based information throughout its life-cycle, a CA spokesperson said.

The new CA solutions aim to minimize a wide range of litigation risks by fulfilling governance, retention and legal discovery requirements for all SharePoint Server 2007 information, the spokesperson said.

"Customers have to be as diligent about managing SharePoint [collaboration] information as they are about their Exchange Server [e-mail] environments," said Glenn Rhodes, vice president of product marketing at CA.

CA is coordinating development with Microsoft to create software/service packages for SharePoint Server that include:

  • CA MDY FileSurf, which provides a centralized retention policy engine to manage records "in-place"—regardless of location or origin—to facilitate discovery, audit and business purposes.
  • CA Message Manager, which provides comprehensive e-mail archiving, electronic data discovery and mail box management.
  • CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup high-performance backup and recovery will also support SharePoint Server 2007.

CAs support for Vista, 2007 Office and Exchange Server 2007 encompasses its entire product line, the spokesperson said.

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"CA has been at the forefront of Microsoft support since the earliest days of Windows," said Alan Nugent, executive vice president and chief technology officer for CA.

CA is coordinating development with Microsoft to create software/service packages for Vista and Office 2007 that include:

  • Business Desktop Deployment Plus (BDD+). This leverages CAs Desktop and Server Management software and best practices to address each step of the Windows Vista deployment process—from planning and implementation to desktop migration and reporting.
  • CA Brightstor ARCserve Backup and CA XOsoft WANSync provide backup and rapid recovery management for Vista environments.
  • CA Threat Manager, CA Anti-Virus and CA Anti-Spyware enable consumers, small businesses and enterprise IT organizations to make best use of security parameters defined in Vista and extend them across their other Microsoft platforms, simplifying enterprise security management while ensuring that policies are consistently enforced before, during and after platform migration.
  • CAs Enterprise Risk Mitigation and Compliance features for Exchange Server 2007 provide centralized information, recovery and resource management products that augment the built-in capabilities of Exchange Server 2007, enabling customers to optimize data protection, e-mail archiving, compliance and electronic data discovery across large Exchange Server environments.
  • CA MDY FileSurf, Message Manager and BrightStor ARCserve Backup provide centralized management of records, regardless of location or origin. This aims to enhance the built-in capabilities of Office SharePoint 2007.

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