Cloud9 Delivers Cloud-Based IDE Support for Windows Azure

Cloud9 IDE launches support for developing and deploying Microsoft Windows Azure applications from the Cloud9 cloud-based IDE.

Cloud9 IDE, provider of the like-named cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for Web and mobile applications, has announced the availability of Windows Azure deployment from the IDE.

Cloud9 made its announcement Jan. 24 at the Node Summit in San Francisco. The integration offers Node.js developers the advantages of a cloud-based development environment paired with the scalability and interoperability of Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Cloud9 IDE runs in Web browsers and enables developers to run, debug and deploy Node.js applications from anywhere, at anytime. Integrating the Node.js IDE with Windows Azure enables developers to deploy applications and permanently host code on Windows Azure's services platform. Developers can benefit from Windows Azure's high availability and "infinite scale" model, which enables users to deploy enterprise-level applications globally, with the ability to grow or shrink resource usage based on need.

"We're pleased to offer Windows Azure deployment from Cloud9 IDE," said Ruben Daniels, CEO of Cloud9 IDE, in a statement. "Like Cloud9, Microsoft has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Node.js community through Windows Azure. This relationship shows how quickly Node.js is becoming the runtime of cloud, and proves that a fully cloud-based development workflow is now a reality."

"Windows Azure's adoption of Node.js gives customers new and powerful options that let them take advantage of the openness and flexibility of the cloud," said Scott Guthrie, a corporate vice president in Microsoft's Server and Tools Business division, in a statement. "By working with Cloud9 IDE, our goal is to make development even easier for customers and to continue to demonstrate our support for interoperability."

Cloud9 officials said developers can take advantage of the Node-specific capabilities offered by both Cloud9 IDE and Windows Azure. Cloud9 IDE offers a variety of Node features, such as syntax highlighting, Node Package Manager (NPM) support, code completion, testing and in-browser debugging. The company also recently announced a variety of tools designed to support the growth of the Node.js community, including, a blog featuring high-quality Node.js tutorials; and, Cloud9 IDE's Node documentation site. Similarly, Node.js developers can utilize Windows Azure's new Node.js Developer Center and Windows Azure SDK for Node.js.

In addition, Cloud9 said the Windows Azure integration marks a significant milestone as Cloud9 IDE continues to revolutionize the landscape of modern-day programming. Developers can now extend the professional Node.js experience offered by Cloud9 IDE onto Windows Azure for a complete end-to-end development solution.