Crescendo Offers Twitter Alerts in New App Service Controller

Crescendo Networks is rolling out a new application service controller, the AppBeat SC, that enables users to receive alerts in a number of ways, including via Twitter and e-mail. In addition, users have the option of allowing Crescendo support staff to monitor their Twitter accounts for alerts. In addition to the service controller, Crescendo also is unveiling a high-end app delivery controller device.

Crescendo Networks is rolling out a new application delivery controller as well as an appliance that enables users to receive alerts via Twitter.

Crescendo's AppBeat SC Service Controller gives users multiple ways to monitor their AppBeat application delivery controllers and receive alerts when problems arise around their application delivery and networking environments.

Along with Twitter, users can receive alerts through e-mail or SNMP, according to Crescendo officials. In addition, users have the option of having Crescendo's customer support team monitor the user's Twitter account for alerts.

The AppBeat SC, which was announced Oct. 27, collects and stores networking, device and service level information for up to 18 months.

The combination of the AppBeat application delivery controllers and AppBeat SC's monitoring capabilities gives Web businesses a full app delivery infrastructure, according to Crescendo CEO Adoram Ga'ash.

"The AppBeat SC is the first monitoring and alert system for our flagship AppBeat line of application delivery controllers as well as the first Twitter alert mechanism in the space," Ga'ash said in a statement.

The monitoring appliance-which will be released in beta in November and for general availability in December-will ship with pre-packaged alerts, but also will enable users to customize alerts.

The alerts can range from degradations in response times to traffic volumes that go beyond pre-set thresholds.

In addition to the service controller, Crescendo also announced the AppBeat DC CN-7790, its high-end app delivery controller aimed at the largest Web businesses and hosting providers.

The new product offers actual 10 Gigabits-per-second throughput, 6 Gb/s compression and 4 Gb/s SSL throughput, and company officials claim a 70 percent improvement in Web site response times over rival products.

They also say the AppBeat DC CN-7790 will enable users to reduce server requirements by 75 percent, bandwidth usage by 85 percent and energy consumption by 30 percent.

The appliance features parallel RISC processors that offload such repetitive tasks as compression and TCP connection management, and separate CPU and memory resources for each feature.

The new 7790 platform "is a purpose-built hardware design that reaches unmatched performance with all ADC features turned on," Ga'ash said in an e-mail. "Unlike all rival products, we do not rely on a shared x86 architecture. The AppBeat DC is known for its silicon-based engines that scale under massive HTTP traffic or extreme load."

The new product joins other AppBeat CN-7000 offerings that come in 1GB and 4GB models, both aimed at smaller organizations.