EMC Launches Lawsuit-Fighting Software

The storage specialist's new set of software and services addresses the onerous task of organizing corporate materials for legal activities.

Collecting, storing and protecting data crucial to defending your company against legal action has become a routine part of doing business in todays world. Storage and content management specialist EMC is moving to cash in on the process.

With high-profile legal battles such as those currently raging between patent litigants RIM and NTP in the mobile e-mail space, or Qualcomm and Broadcom in the handset technology market, its clear that managing complex legal activities has become a strategic element of doing business in most industries.

Based on that reality, EMC, based in Hopkinton, Mass., has launched a new set of software and services designed to help companies prepare in advance for such events.

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As the cost of hiring lawyers to pore over the reams of information needed to make or break lawsuits continues to climb, it seems likely that helping companies get ready to handle such events could provide EMC with another lucrative business opportunity.

"This is a business problem that has been around for a long time, but over the last two to three years it has really risen its head as the costs related to the process of legal discovery continue to rise and lawsuits continue to proliferate," said John Gubernat, director of EMCs Compliance Practice.

"Because of the manner in which information is stored by companies today, across so many different types of systems and documents, theres a real cost associated with collecting and preserving important data, and most companies are forced to pay outside firms a lot of money to do the work needed to respond to lawsuits," he said.

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Gubernat said that by helping firms better manage the types of information they will need to access in the wake of lawsuit filings, EMCs package could help greatly reduce the amount of money its customers spend paying lawyers to conduct the process of legal discovery.

Dubbed the EMC eDiscovery Solution, the package consists of an integrated array of EMCs information and content management software, as well as networked storage applications and professional services designed to help companies collect and store legally important information.

In addition to helping prepare against potential litigation, Gubernat said, the offering will also help firms manage the process of remaining compliant with the increasing range of government data retention requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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